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Always Greenways

Locally grown goodness, squeezed and freshly bottled for your fruity lifestyle. Greenways is proud to be New Zealand owned since 1956. Our philosophy is simplicity, we do not add any preservatives or colourings, we let nature do the work for us in creating these great flavours for your enjoyment.

Greenways has been producing consistently good fruit juices in their purest form for over 50 years. We promise to deliver pure juice, where possible from locally grown fruits from New Zealand for another 50 years.

Made in New Zealand Since 1956

At Greenways we stand by our products. We guarantee this product meets out high quality standards, which at Greenways is always high.

Always Greenways, Always Quality.

Grapes in season! This means brand new grapes and brand new juice. 9 hectares of vineyard are now organic. :)